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  Total Return Solutions was established to recapture value and recover assets. We are commited to helping each of our customers find a solution which meets their needs and save them money.
  In today's competitive market it is vital for companies to realize that they need a reverse logistics system in place. A good reverse logistics system can drastically reduce losses and improve the bottom line.
  Recovery programs can have a suprisingly positive effect on a companies bottom line. Profits are derived from materials that were previosly disposed or or not properly managed.
  Total Return Solutions can act as a fullfillment house that distributes products accross canada in an efficient manner. In addition we can act as a spare house for replacements needing to be shipped to customers.
  US companies find that returns from Canada are fustrating and not easy to deal with due to customs issues and high shipping costs. Total Return Solutions can act as a return address for companies consolidating their returns and provide consolidated shipping to final destinations.
  Total Return Solutions can act as a Centralized Return Center (CRC) that can devote in handling returns quickly and efficiently. Acting as a CRC we can improve customer service by speeding up return material authorization verification and thus keeping your customers happy.
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