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Packaging And Shipping Solutions

Offering a variety of packaging solutions from
- White Boxing
- Repackaging
- Kitting

Shipping Solutions
- Drop Shipments
- Forward Logistics Fullfillment
- RMA Replacement Fullfillment

Test And Audit Services

Auditing Services
- Asset management
- Serial number recording and audit services
- Sort and Seperate Consolidation

Testing Services
- Test functionality of products with computer test
- Physically check products for defects
- Reprocess products & consolidate
- (eg. take 2 bad units and make 1 working unit)

Customer Service And Tech Support

We can create and offer customers a custom solution to take complete care of their customer service relations. We can provide a variety of services which include:
- Telephone Tech Support
- Establish a 1-800 # for customers
- Email Tech Support Services
- Custom online Tech Support Forms

Warehousing Solutions

We can store products for customers for forward or reverse logistics. We can provide fullfillment for orders and handle stock reports
- Pallet Storage
- Master Carton Distribution
- Inner Carton Distribution
- Piece Pick For Orders
- Inventory Reports
- Confirmation Of Receipts And Shipments

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